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Not sure if you should use Internet Explorer or Firefox? Not even sure what IE or Firefox is? Check out our blog entry comparing and contrasting the two that give you the overall idea of each. Most people prefer one over the other, but you may change your mind on your personal preference after checking out our article and reading the benefits or negatives of both sides.

We will keep you up-to-date on any technology news you need to know about. With Sprint adding Google Voice to their services, we have an article to educate you about this important announcement that teaches you about the benefits of this service and how easy it is for Sprint customers to use. Since the service hasn’t been officially released from Sprint yet, you’ll have all the knowledge you need when the time comes.

Gadgets are constantly evolving. It feels like new ones come out nearly every day, and it can be hard to keep track of what’s what. If you’re wondering what the difference between an iPad and an iPad 2 is or when a new gadget will be available, our articles are the best source to come to. What is our very own President, Barack Obama’s favorite gadget? We’ve got a blog article to cover it.

Other interesting articles you may want to check out include the iPad 2 going global or Iranian hackers being suspected in a recent security breach. When technology news becomes available, you can find it here, clearly and concisely explained for your reading pleasure.

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